Jesse Duplantis Biography, Quotes, Ministries Beliefs and Facts

Jesse Duplantis Biography, Quotes, Ministries Beliefs and Facts

Jesse Duplantis Exposed


Jesse Duplantis, born on July 9, 1949, grew up in Houma, Louisiana. His ancestry is of Catholic Cajun Descent. He played in as a heavy metal replacement guitarist for several bands on tour. He is the founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries (JDM). In 1997, he and his wife, Cathy Duplantis, founded "Covenant Church," a local outreach of JDM on the International Headquarters property in Destrehan, Louisiana. While often performing he does so with his music or comic style in his "evangelistic" organization named for himself, 'Jesse Duplantis Ministries' - situated in New Orleans.

Jesse Duplantis - False Preacher / Teachings

Here's some statements made by Jesse Duplantis.

"I've never had the Lord say, 'Jesse, I think that car is a little bit too nice.' I've had vehicles and the Lord said, 'Would you please go park that at your house. Don't put that in front of my house. I don't want people to think that I'm a poor God.'"

(Jesse Duplantis, "When Will We Yield To The Anointing of Wealth II," April 10, 2005)

Jesus came poor and in humility, not in wealth and prosperity.

"If I give $1,000 dollars I deserve to get back $100,000 because I am just, that's not greed!"

(Jesse Duplantis, December 19, 2003 TBN, "The just shall live by faith.")

Jesse says that he deserves to get back 100 times more than what he gave! The Bible however clearly teaches that we "are unprofitable servants; we have done that which we ought to do" (Luke 17:10). He also states he is just (or saved, or whatever he might mean with the word "just"), as if giving away money and thinking that one deserves to get back 100 times more is "just." That's not just, that's arrogance! We are sinners and deserves nothing but what God in his mercy decides to grant us. God decides how to reward us, not we! Scripture teaches that one's final salvation depends on the state of the soul at death. As Jesus himself tells us, "He who endures to the end will be saved" (Matt. 24:13; cf. 25:31–46). One who dies in the state of friendship with God (the state of grace) will go to heaven. The one who dies in a state of enmity and rebellion against God (the state of mortal sin) will go to hell.

"The very first thing on Jesus` agenda was to get rid of poverty! Would you like to know why some people, including ministries, never get out of poverty? Its not because they aren't smart. Its not because they don't have windows of opportunity. Its because they're not anointed. If you're not anointed, poverty will follow you all the days of your life. His first objective was to get rid of poverty."

(Nov. 1997 Voice of the Covenant magazine, page 5)

If this is meant with, as I suppose it is, material poverty, this man has nothing right in any of his words. In this statement he thinks too much of money and have no clue what the will of God means.

1 Corinthians 4:11-12, Paul said: "Even unto this hour we both hunger and thirst, and are naked, and are buffeted, and have no fixed abode; And we labour, working with our own hands: we are reviled, and we bless; we are persecuted, and we suffer it."

Acts 3:6 states: "But Peter said: Silver and gold I have none; but what I have, I give thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, arise, and walk."

"The lord spoke to me one time while I was preachin' he said make me laugh, how do you make God laugh Benny? (speaking to Benny Hinn) he said the gift that I gave you let it come out of you .. so I said ok so I began to minister and I tell you what I have made God laugh. many many times. One time the funniest was I'm embarrassed to say this, this is when I first started preaching I knew enough to be dangerous you know how that is. We didn't stay in hotels in those days,..Stayed in peoples homes...I got this apartment, I got this bedroom and I always take my bible before I go to sleep… when anyway I fell off to sleep with the bible hit me on the chest and I woke up and there's this big gray object in the corner and it would move. That scared me but I wasn't getting off that bed, I said no I ain't getting off this bed, I said I rebuke you, you devil from hell get out of here get out of here…I spit and hollard and screamed and rebuke all until 5, 5:30 till my throat was horse. And the light began to come through the window and it was a raincoat hangin' over a hat rack. I can't believe I that I actually rebuked the raincoat for 3 hours. Now here's the funny part I got mad at God, I said why didn't you tell me? He said "Jesse that's the funniest thing I ever saw." Rebuking a raincoat boy."

(Interview-This is Your day, Benny Hinn Feb. 2,000)

Is this a comedy show? You honestly think God laughs and jokes as we humans do? God is not a God of comedy and of joking. A true preacher, like the apostles, didn't run and made jokes to get others and God to laugh. Rather, they would get them down on their knees to repent of their sins in sorrow and tears.

"He (God) didn't have the foggiest idea what a horse was, he said maybe Adam might know what this is. He is made in my image and my likeness lets see what he says it is, because he has a speaking spirit just like God the speaking spirit." "He brought them, that means he carried them…what do you call that Adam, do you see that he brought them. He didn't say horsy get down the road and trot down there and find out what your name is, bird fly down there … no there not living. God is expecting Adam to do the same thing he did, "speak spirit!"

"Watch this, I don't want you to believe this because I said it, He brought them to Adam to see what he would call them watch this and whatsoever Adam called ever what, say it louder, living creature, that was their name. When he brought them they weren't livin ladies and gentleman, Adam did the exact same thing that God did when he formed him out of the dust of the ground and God said speak spirit. Now he said now your made in my image now you create. And he made Eve he could have made the whole complete universe but he said no you'll create SPEAK spirit! Don't tell me a women can't preach she is speaking spirit."

"Womens seed spoke just as God spoke Adam into existence as Adam spoke those animals into existence Mary spoke Jesus into existence. Don't tell me a women cannot preach the gospel they got Jesus here without us."

He says: "He (God) didn't have the foggiest idea what a horse was,". God didn't know what a horse was? This is heresy. He needs to read the creation story in Genesis again.

He also claims that Adam created animals too. Another heresy: "Now he said now your made in my image now you create. And he made Eve he could have made the whole complete universe but he said no you'll create SPEAK spirit!

"Womens seed spoke just as God spoke Adam into existence as Adam spoke those animals into existence"

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